Beginners Guide to Make Your Gaming/Productivity Setup Look Cool

Every tech person wants their pc setup to be an eye candy and most of the people know how to get it done right and many people have done that and have amazing setups one can ever see, So I decided to make a list of five tips and tricks to make your gaming or productivity setup look cool.

Beginners Guide to Make Your Gaming/Productivity Setup Look Cool

So here is the list:

1-      Desk

First and foremost a good desk is the most important thing to have, it gives your setup personality if you don’t have a desk right now get yourself a good desk before considering any other upgrade although you don’t have to buy an expensive desk you can get the most popular desk which is famous among gamers and techminds, it is the Ikea Linnmon Desk with Adils legs for people in a limited budget or if you can increase your budget a bit you can get the same linnmon tabletop with Alex drawers which gives your setup a good look and also gives you storage for storing your tech related items and  gadgets.

2-      Color Consistency and Balancing

Desk part is done now you have to choose a color scheme you should never get yourself rainbow colored gears like getting yourself a blue led mouse and a red led lighting keyboard you should choose one color scheme which you have to follow now the second part is balancing makes your setup look symmetrical give it a clean look don’t overdo it, also I have seen many people putting extra action figures and extra stuff on your desk as decoration make sure to keep it as simple as you can put two three max but not more than that.

3-      Cable Management

Cable management is one of the worst nightmare for gamers because they don’t want to waste their time in redoing the cables instead have a competitive match of their favorite game, Take out one day for managing your cables this will make things organized you will not need to untangle a lot of cables if you quickly want to remove your keyboard and use it on another pc, Use zip ties, cable ties or you can even use those cable management plastic wire holders. This will really improve your setup looks and make it balanced.

4-      RGB Lighting

RGB Lighting is one of the main gadget which spices up your setup look you can get one for around 20 bucks and you can choose whatever color you want that will definitely make your setup look good.

5-      Your PC Itself

After getting all of the above done now you have to take care of your computer what it is outside and inside make sure your case matches the color scheme and also it doesn’t matter to get a fully high end pc unless you want that much high power, you can spend some money on your setups look first and after that you can upgrade your pc if it is not obsolete enough and can do what you use it for.