Download Paid Apps and Games Free on iOS 10, 10.0.2

Download Paid Apps and Games Free on iOS 10, 10.0.2

Everybody loves using apps on their smartphones some also like to play different kind of games on their phones some applications and games are free of cost on the appstore and are easily available for a user to download and use them but some apps and games are paid which require money to buy some people who can afford the apps buy it but there are some people who can’t afford to buy different apps as obviously different apps and games have different prices also these apps and games costs as cheap as 1 dollar and can reach up to thousands of dollars.

So today I will show you a way to download paid apps and games free on any iOS device including iPhone iPad or iPod Touch running on iOS 10 or 9.

Before starting I would also like to mention that this method of using apps and games come in piracy and I am showing you how to do it as most people are doing it and enjoying apps and games that costs a fortune for free also I would like to mention that this works alright on iPhone 7 and 7 Plus and all other devices running iOS 10 or 10.0.2.

So lets start the Step by Step Guide:

1- Goto and download and install that software on your PC.

2- After installing run the program and connect your iDevice and hit trust on your iDevice screen now you will see vShare installing some drivers and an icon vShare SE appear on your iDevice screen wait for vShare software to download all drivers and after that is done it will ask you to reboot your computer MUST REBOOT.

3- After rebooting run vShare again and connect your iDevice hit the green button saying reauthorization and once it says congratulations and you are good to go.

4- Now on your iDevice launch vShare SE and search any paid application and install it.

5- If you see appstore written beneath that means you are not authorized so to fix this click green reauthorization button on vShare pc again.

6- After getting successful message you have to close the vShare SE app from multitask and again open it and search the same application.

7- Now after searching don’t click get in front of it just tap on the app name and then click the downward arrow on top right corner beside ? button.

8- Now your download will start and after downloading click on downloaded tab and you will see your app there now tap on install and you will see a popup tap install and your app will be installed.

9- Now enjoy your paid app or game free.

Few Troubleshooting Points Recalled:

After drivers are downloaded on vShare PC make sure to reboot your computer without that you won’t be able to get vShare SE on your iDevice screen.

if you get appstore button infront of app or game you want to download click reauthorization button on vShare PC kill the vShare SE app from iDevice from multitask re run it and install the app do this until you can install the paid app or game without any issue.

If you can’t understand how to do it watch the video by great youtuber DinoZambas2 and you will know how to do it.