Samsung Galaxy A8 2016 Overview Features Galaxy S6 Hardware

Samsung Galaxy A8 Specification

After the release of updated versions of the previous Samsung Galaxy J5, J7, A3, A5 etc it looks like Samsung is coming up with a new updated version of the Samsung Galaxy A8 too after being leaked on a lot of online platforms Samsung released it officially in South Korea it is an updated version of the previous model and has similar design but upgraded specifications.


The design of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy A8 2016 is similar to that of the previous version we get the same curves metal body and same slimmer design style.


The display of Galaxy A8 is 5.7 inch although it is Super Amoled and supports max 1920x1080 resolution but still it is not a Quad HD Display thus sharpness will be enough sufficient for most of the users.

Internal Specs

Inside the phone Samsung implement the same hardware which was featured in the previous Samsung Galaxy S6 phones, this most probably means that we are getting Samsung Exynos 7420 Chipset with 3 Gigs of RAM and 32 Gigs of internal storage.

These Specs are quite decent for a person who has normal usage and does not use the phone for high processing tasks like playing extremely heavy games videos etc.


The Samsung Galaxy A8 also features the same 16 megapixel camera sensor used in the outdated Samsung Galaxy S6 although the camera is pretty decent and it would be a treat for the owners of this new smartphone, the front selfie camera has an 8 megapixel sensor which also does the job quite well.

Other Features

The other features that this phones offers are Samsung Pay also this phone features a fingerprint scanner integrated in the home button, the Galaxy A8 runs on Android 6.0.1 and also features Samsung Grace User Interface which is used in Note 7 another good thing about this phone is its huge battery the Galaxy A8 has a 330mAH battery which is quite impressive.


It is not sure if Samsung will release it worldwide or it will be sold in Samsung homeland South Korea only also this phone costs about 580$ that’s because it features same specs as last year’s Galaxy S6, The price mentioned is based on the conversion of the South Korean currency into dollars so we might see a change in price if it is launched worldwide by Samsung Officially.

This was a little overview of the Samsung Galaxy A8 hope you enjoyed it also make sure to comment down your views on this phone.