Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Banned From All Airlines in The U.S

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Banned From All Airlines in The U.S

Background of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Discontinuation:

Samsung recently released its note series flagship smartphone called the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in real life it was a perfect phone for everyone who likes bigger displays like me but it had an unknown issue with the batteries which resulted in explosion about 100 incidents have been reported about the Note 7 explosion in the past which made Samsung halt all sales of Note 7 devices worldwide and at that time Samsung decided to recall the Note 7 and refresh its batteries and start to sell it again in the market.

After Samsung started the reselling process of SAFE Note 7 devices more explosion news started to come up which resulted in making Note 7 a history eventually after all that difficult time Samsung had to something for the buyers because they were not at fault about all these explosions so they ended up with a replacement program so that people who have already bought the Note 7 can return it and get their money back or they can get their device replaced with any of the other Samsung smartphones which are safe from these dangerous explosions.

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Now if you are one of the consumers who love to travel and make sure they have updated stuff everywhere and you bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from another country or far city and you reside in the United States you have just lost your money and that’s because U.S Department of Transportation has banned Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in all U.S airlines which means you won’t be able to return your smartphone and yes if you are thinking that oh I can sneak that little guy in my luggage somewhere and the authorities won’t know it then you are gravely mistaken, if you are found guilty using the Note 7 or carrying it somehow in your luggage or it is with you in any flight you will have to face heavy fine accompanied with severe punishment also the most terrifying part is you can also get prosecuted and that’s because you are risking your and hundreds of life just for a small smartphone worth 800$ god forbid in case of any accident.

Samsung has also shown interest in this regard because they don’t want to risk other people lives and obviously for business reasons.

In my opinion it is a great initiative by the U.S Department of Transportation and Samsung to stop people from carrying Note 7’s in flight and I would say it should be implemented all over the world whereas Samsung should consider an option for the people who have bought their phones from other countries and find a way to return their phones within the country they are in now.